The secret is out

The companies Arodo and Möllers Packaging Technology will officially exhibit for the very first time at the POWTECH in Nuremberg with their group of companies under a new group name and design. Corpax is the new name of the group previously known as the Arodo Group. This change of name to Corpax intends to emphasize the unity of the companies within the group as joint parties and enhance a shared identity.

Arendonk, 26.09.2023 – The group introduction, including the name change, has great significance for the associated companies - Arodo, Möllers Packaging Technology and Allco Finishing. After all, the name change reflects a strong cohesion and identification as a group of companies. In addition, Corpax stands for progress and the future orientation that unites all the companies belonging to the group.

The former group name, the Arodo Group, has now been officially replaced by Corpax, and the word as such brings the terms core (competence), packaging and expertise to the center of attention. This means that the new name unites all the important aspects: the companies involved behind the group, the industry competence, and the expertise that guarantees quality-assured services.

"As a group, we are proud of all that we have already accomplished together and look forward to all that is yet to come! The new group name creates an internal sense of affiliation and promotes our communication even more - both on a professional and collegial level. Our goal is to grow together as a group and optimistically foster the future of the companies.  With a strong group of companies, we feel well prepared for future projects and challenges," says the CEO of Corpax, Joost van Aaken.
It is not just the modern and clear design that shows exactly which values Corpax, as a group of companies, wants to represent. The claim "What matters is inside." also gives clear insights into Corpax's philosophy: new ideas, expertise, the best solutions for customer products and the contents that are optimally protected with the right packaging technology. The new name shapes the group's identity on a global level and yet the change of the group's name does not affect the autonomy of the individual companies. It merely completes the framework for the merger of the companies.

The exhibition POWTECH provides the perfect setting for the first official launch of the renamed group. As the leading trade fair for process technology, analytics and processing of powders, bulk solids, fluids and liquids, many customers and industry experts will gather for the exhibition, which takes place from 26th to 28th September 2023.
At previous exhibitions, such as the interpack in Düsseldorf, a change regarding the corporate group was already announced.

A brief review

The history of the Corpax Group (at that time still communicated as the Arodo Group) began back in 2021. The two packaging specialists, the Belgian company Arodo and the German company Möllers Packaging Technology came together in 2021 to form a group of companies. In 2022, the group grew when Allco Finishing joined. The merger of these internationally operating companies is also reflected in the locations where they are represented: Belgium, Germany, Singapore, and Denmark.