For us, growth means opportunity: a chance to expand expertise, find new customers, share information, and come up with new ideas. And this is a vision we are pursuing with our group of companies. The merger of the three sister companies Arodo, Möllers Packaging Technology and Allco Finishing marks the start of a successful, internationally operating and customer-oriented group of companies. As our companies grow, so does our X, and thereby our expertise.


The professional packaging of high-quality powders is a complex and demanding task and Arodo has been committed to this specific focus for many years. The machine manufacturer is the market leader in the development and production of customized packaging solutions for manufacturers of high-quality powders. All the expertise within Arodo comes together in the precision of the systems and the reliability of the packaging, as well as the logistical and cost-efficient functionality of the packaging systems. With the AROVAC® technology, Arodo is creating a globally unique solution for vacuum packaging of powders. With a strong customer focus and an exceptionally good service level, the Belgian company meets the high demands of its customers.

Möllers Packaging Technology

Full Line. High Quality. The Möllers Packaging Technology (MPT) motto is put into practice every day: tailor-made products and intelligent systems for the high-performance sector as well as individual solutions for packaging and loading processes all make Möllers Packaging Technology a valuable member of Corpax. MPT supports its customers from the high-performance segment with fully automated machines and packaging systems. As a full-liner with patented systems, MPT acts as an important pillar of our group.  
Customers in the petrochemical industry, but also in the construction and chemical industries, appreciate the many years of experience and the quality offered by the German machine manufacturer. The company achieves its high quality standards, among other things, thanks to its exceptionally good service level.

Allco Finishing

A professional and individual surface treatment of metals is provided by Allco Finishing. With customer-specific solutions and years of experience, the requirements of the regional customer base in the greater area around Flanders/Kempen are served. Allco makes the perfect addition to the group of companies through vertical integration within the value chains of the sister companies.