About us

We are solution-oriented, creative, and internationally positioned – that's Corpax. The people behind our group of companies are experts in packaging technology and mechanical engineering who are all pursuing the same goal: customer-specific and product-oriented solutions. At Corpax, a high level of professionalism, solution expertise and the highest quality standards are important for a good working relationship, and we see our employees as one of our most valuable pillars.

Our story

The experts in packaging technology, the Belgian company Arodo and the German company Möllers Packaging Technology, joined forces in 2021 to form a group of companies. Both companies complement each other ideally with their specific areas of expertise. In 2022, the corporate group grew when Allco Finishing joined the future-oriented group of companies called Corpax (formerly Arodo Group). One distinctive advantage of the merger of these international companies is demonstrated by the locations: Belgium, Germany, Singapore, and Denmark. With this orientation as well as international service hubs, customers are certain to receive the best support possible. 

What matters is inside.

What matters is inside: It's all about the inner values! In the most literal sense of the word - because we all know how important it is that our solutions are tailored to the customer-specific products. We work with attention to detail, applying our skills, and always have your product in mind. For us, the end product is not just the intelligent packaging, but the best packaging solution for your product.

We are constantly improving our know-how as well as our systems and machines to  give the products of our companies' customers the best possible protection. The X in the Corpax therefore stands for the expertise that we reflect in our machine systems for your specific product – so you can always expect the best solution to meet your precise requirements. 
The other elements of the group name Corpax are made up as follows: The first part "COR" stands for our core competence and is based on the English word "core". The "PA" in the word refers to packaging technology as our specialist field and, together with our expertise – that is what the "X" stands for – we achieve a unique quality that our customers can rely on. 
Of course, our corporate group is also about the people behind the companies and the skills of each individual employee. Because every person, every bit of know-how and every investment brings progress and makes us what we are: Corpax.


That’s Corpax. That’s us.

We are the experts when it comes to packaging your valuable industrial bulk goods in the most secure, efficient, and reliable way – from filling to transport unit.  
We increase the value creation in our customers production process by delivering machines and software based on the latest technology and smart automation. 
The highly skilled, experienced, and solution-oriented service technicians we employ are at the heart of our global service network. 

We always endeavor to minimize production downtime and provide the best possible service level to our customers. 
To fulfil our ecological responsibility, we aim to provide products with a long product lifetime and low maintenance, whilst also reducing energy consumption and supplies. 
Our customers can rely on our expertise for their products – after all, we know, what matters is inside.