At Corpax, we are always looking towards the future and want to grow steadily. And the way to achieve it, is by expanding our group of companies – both through the influence of new companies and new employees. We are always thrilled to be able to add more personalities and expertise to our Group.

Our values

What matters is inside: this also applies to the employees behind Corpax. We recognize the value of each individual and see their inestimable impact on our companies and our customers.  
Dealing with each other on an equal basis and communicating at eye level is a fundamental part of our work. We underline this attitude with flat corporate structures within the individual sister companies.  

Working within our international group of companies also comes with a number of advantages:  

In addition to a strong network between the companies (Arodo, Möllers Packaging Technology and Allco Finishing), we actively promote an exciting transfer of knowledge. This not only promotes our personal expertise, but also ensures quality for the customers. Resources such as technologies, competence and structures are shared within Corpax and we are always striving for new perspectives and improvements. For us, progress and change are core elements of a future-oriented workplace.
Corpax creates a wide range of career opportunities. Potential and personal requests are seen and promoted to offer every colleague a job with prospects.
Working within Corpax supports the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of experiences and to promote your own professional growth and personal development. We follow the motto that only satisfied employees create true added value and can ultimately ensure satisfied customers and a good working atmosphere. What matters is inside – is a philosophy for our customers, and for our colleagues. 

Will you soon be part of our X in Corpax? This is how Joost van Aaken, CEO of the Corpax Group, describes it: 

"We are constantly looking for new talents and welcome new employees with a wide range of profiles. One of our major goals is to learn more every day."